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Yoyo Pros, Stolen Cabs, Confusion and Fun

By Elizabeth Weinstein, Emory University

Wednesday night I got my first taste of Prague nightlife and was going to attempt Prague’s public transportation system streets without any Czech buddies. The night began with some hanging out at the PUB with other CIEE students, good time in the apartment, and at Nebe. Below is a list of successes, fails, and exciting moments from the rest of the night.


My roommates, other girls in my apartment building, and I decided to go out into the city for the first time without any Czech buddies. All we had was some basic knowledge of how the public transportation system works, a vague idea of where we lived (we all had our address stored in our phones), a map that that our Czech buddy (Jana) had written detailed directions on that showed us how to get from our apartment to Nebe. With that being said, we did eventually make it to Nebe (Success!)

Fail 2.

We were determined to make it to Nebe without giving in to our American ways and just taking a cab. However, after successfully making it to the first tram, when we got off, we struggled greatly to figure out what street we were on or where we needed to be. Thankfully, two cabs came by, and we all piled in and took the easy way out to reach our final destination.

Success 3.

Nebe turned out to be a lot of fun. We ordered a few drinks, listened to some fun music, and got a taste of Czech nightlife.

Fail 4.

Knowing that the tram we wanted to be on left at 2:17 a.m., we decided to leave Nebe at 2:00 to give us some extra time to figure out where to go. We roamed the streets up and down, took out our maps and finally realized we had no idea where we were, what street we were on and it was most definitely passed 2:17 (so the tram was not the best option). Lost, cold, and confused we needed a new plan to get home.

Exciting moment 5.

Luckily, we were right by a different pub and there were a few guys standing outside. They seemed like our best shot for help to get home and went to them with our maps. It didn’t take us long to realize that most of the guys did not have a Czech accent, spoke fluent English, and...were all holding yoyos. As it turns out, they were also American. Hank from Ohio, explained that they were in Prague for a yoyo tournament. We assumed that they must be pretty serious yoyoers if they came all the way to Europe for it. Hank modestly said he was just ok, which we soon discovered was a complete lie. Hank is not just an average yoyoer, but he is the world champion yoyoer!!!! We learned that he first got started yoyoing when he was young because his aunt owned a toyshop and he started playing around with the yoyos then. Though he declined our requests for his autograph, he did show us part of his yoyo routine (which I must admit was very impressive). After a quick picture with the yoyoers (posted below), we saw a cab in front and decided to get inside and go home.


EPIC fail 6.

We managed to squeeze all of us into the four-person cab, and hoped the driver wouldn’t notice that there were six of us. He turned around and said “no,” to which we politely tried to beg and convince him to let us all go. Unfortunately, we had not realized that he was not saying “no” because of too many people. Suddenly, a man knocked on the cab and said that this was his cab that he had called and was wondering why we were in it. So, after spending several minutes sitting squished in a cab pleading the driver to take us home, we were actually in some other person’s cab and just looked like a bunch of American fools. We made our way out of the cab and returned to the yoyoers on the street stuck without a way to get home and humiliated.

Success!!! 7.

One of the yoyoers, who was actually from Prague, noticed we were struggling and called us a cab to take us home. The cab arrived and we made it home, satisfied with our first adventure out on the town.


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