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1 posts from February 2015


Living in the Czech Republic

written by Kara Caskey (DePauw University)

I have now been living in the Czech Republic for exactly one month.  It is hard to believe that it’s already been so long.  It’s also still surreal to me that I’m living in the Czech Republic.  Just wow.  It’s gone by with such speed and I feel as though I was just saying my goodbyes to family and friends before getting on the plane.  At the same time, though, it’s also hard to believe that I only have three months left in this city.  If the first month flew by as quickly as it did, I cannot even imagine how fast the next three are going to go.  I already don’t want to leave!

The two free weekends that we’ve had thus far I’ve stayed put in Prague.  I begin traveling this weekend, which is exciting, but it’s also been so helpful to get to know “my” city a little better before I take off and see the rest of Europe.  It’s amazing how a little exploration and a few wrong turns can lead you to a little hole in the wall restaurant that becomes your favorite.  In my opinion, wandering is the best way to learn about a new place.  I’ve never lived in a large city so it was definitely overwhelming at first but I honestly couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.  Prague is a truly amazing place with so much history and beauty.

I have already learned an incredible amount about being independent and living in a foreign city in the short month I’ve been here.  I’ve learned that Americans are possibly the loudest people on the planet and that it’s better to shut my mouth on public transportation.  I know a few survival words and phrases in Czech that can get me by in a pinch, especially when I’m hungry.  (The two weeks of intensive Czech class were definitely a must and I’m so glad they {forced} us through them.)  Finally, I’ve come to realize that I live in what I would biasedly classify as one of the prettiest parts of Prague.  Vyšehrad, previously a castle (hrad) on a hill (vyše) is a tremendously unique and historically relevant landmark in Prague and I just recently took a stroll around its beautiful fortress and gardens.  It’s safe to say that in the coming months as the weather warms up you will find me reading, picnicking, and enjoying the beautiful sunsets right around the corner from my dorm.

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