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1 posts from December 2015


Fall 2015, Issue III



On December 17, CIEE Prague study center organized an all programs graduation ball for Fall 2015 semester students. It was a first ball in CIEE Prague history and it was highly anticipated get together event.

Balls have long tradition in Czech culture. Their history reaches back to the beginnings of the 18th century, when they were organized by Czech national movement, which made their role not only social but also political. People coming to these events spoke Czech, which was quite unusual due to the influence of German-speaking countries at that time. Interestingly balls belonged not only to the nobles and higher society, but became the source of entertainment for lower classes. Nowadays balls remain still very popular among Czechs and there are inseparable part of Czech culture. Therefore CIEE Prague decided to start their own tradition of graduation balls and organized the first CIEE ball.

CIEE Prague ball was held in beautiful premises of National House Smíchov, which is conveniently located close to CIEE student apartments. National House Smíchov is Art Noveau monument, built between years 1906 and 1908 and belongs to one of the most popular locations for traditional balls. Its exteriors and interiors are richly decorated and are an outstanding example of Art Noveau architecture.






The ball was organized to mark end of students’ one semester study abroad program. Students from all programs, namely: Central European Studies, Communication and New Media, Global Architecture and Design and Film Studies were invited along with their professors, Czech buddies and representatives from important institutions CIEE cooperates with. It was a formal event and all the guest were asked to come in formal attire. The theme of the ball was swing. Special live orchestra- Josef Hlavsa Orchestra performed well known swing melodies. Renowned swing dance group Groove cats had a swing dance performance. Dancers from the group were present during the whole ball and were teaching guests swing moves. In addition, during the ball there was a screening of two short films about art projects, which were done by CIEE professors: Petra Bidlasová and Pavla Jonssonová and their students.



Important part of the ball was a student graduation ceremony. All students’ names were read and students were invited to the stage, where they were congratulated and received certificates. Special appreciation was given to those students who volunteered during their semester or had internship. They were awarded volunteering certificates. Most immersed student was announced during the evening as well as well as winner of the best flat buddy competition.

From 10 pm special treat was prepared for students, there was an after party with live DJ who played well known Czech and international music.

Small refreshment was provided. Guest could try traditional Czech open sandwiches ´chlebíčky´, which is popular choice at local balls and also some traditional Czech Christmas cookies. .