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Fall 2016, Issue III


Intercultural Communication and Leadership (ICL)

This course is a very unique opportunity for our students to develop skills, knowledge, and understanding that will help them communicate and engage more appropriately and effectively in the Czech Republic (Prague) as well as in other intercultural contexts.  One of the goals is to increase the student´s own cultural self-awareness and develop personal leadership skills to help them become more effective in an interdependent world. 

We asked our Fall 2016 students two questions:

  1. What was the biggest challenge during the ICL course?
  2. What was the highlight of the ICL course?
  1. The final video project
  2. The outclass trips (Invisible experience)

Morgan Albrecht

“This course was a great course and I would say it was one of the most interesting subjects I took while abroad. The biggest challenge I had in ICL was properly reflecting on certain experiences abroad. I had trouble articulating myself properly but over the course of the term I was able to harness the ability to do so and reflect on certain events in an appropriate manner.

The highlight of the ICL course was the outclass that took me and the rest of my peers to a "Blind Exhibition" where we learned what it was like being blind and went through a hands-on tour in complete darkness to experience the daily life of a blind person. The tour was guided by a very interesting individual who provided great insight on the daily life of a blind person. We reflected this tour in the following class and it was one of my favorite outclasses I have partaken in with CIEE.” Phillip Kerzhner


As a part of the course finals, all students had to create a video project. Some of them were happy to share it with us.







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